Displacement Avoidance

The Here to Stay: A Policy Based Blueprint for Displacement Avoidance in Fresno report, workshop videos, and recent Anti-Displacement Task Force meeting videos can be found here.

Displacement Avoidance Plan Summary

The Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Program administered by the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) establishes a new framework for achieving California’s climate goals by concentrating significant resources to accelerate local greenhouse gas emission reductions and uplift the State’s most disadvantaged communities. While revitalization brings many benefits, there are reasons to be concerned about the negative effect that increased investment and development might have on vulnerable populations. As such, the TCC Program also requires policies and programs to avoid the displacement of existing residents and local businesses, to help ensure these key stakeholders benefit from the investment. As a recipient of Program funds, the City of Fresno has led the development of a Displacement Avoidance Plan (DAP) through a community process that informs the design of the plan that includes strategies to reduce economic displacement risk within the Project Area comprised of Chinatown, Downtown and Southwest Fresno.

Successes from Transform Fresno’s Small Business Resources

See community business owner reactions to Small Business Resources received through the Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities and Transform Fresno project investments.

For Small Business Technical Assistance please visit one of these organizations:

Anti-Displacement Task Force (ratified January 31, 2019)

Member Type Specific Requirements Member Name
Residential Tenants Fulton Corridor Specific Plan Area (1) Robert Fuentes
Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan Area (1) Hilda Lopez
Southwest Fresno Specific Plan Area (1) Debbie Darden
Commercial Tenants Downtown (1) AnaLilia De Alba
Chinatown (1) OR Southwest Fresno (1) Morgan Doizaki
Developers Affordable Housing Developer (1) Preston Prince
Market Rate Developer (1) Sal Gonzales
Community Development Corporation (1) Eric Payne (Chair)
Community Development Corporation (1) * Cherella Nicholson
Advocates Non-profit (1) Grecia Elenes
Neighborhood (1) Amber Crowell
Individual/non-affiliate (1) Kathryn Forbes
Individual/non-affiliate (1) * Artie Padilla

* = Alternate

Thrivance Group

Thrivance Group is working closely with the City of Fresno and the Transform Fresno Transformative Climate Communities Collaborative to propose policies that would prevent and reverse displacement that residents have experienced for years.

Thrivance Group is a for-profit, socially-responsible planning firm working to create equitable access to safe neighborhoods, beautiful spaces, business opportunities, healthy food, quality healthcare, affordable housing, transportation, and clean air and water. We believe that race, place, and joy matter.