Watch this easy salsa cooking demo and recipe by Nia at the Sunset Community Center. With this recipe, anyone can learn how to take what they have in their garden and bring it to the dinner table. We hope this inspires you to grow more vegetables and incorporate them into a meal.

We are finding that food is essential in these trying times than we could have ever imagined. These times have made me realize that access to a healthy diet is vital. Eating is a sustainable staple of life, and food is better than prescription medicine. Food heals, restores, and fuels a tired body. Our desire at Inside Out Community Garden is to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes, educate and change the way the community around us sees green spaces. Many people in food deserts don’t know the potential of empty spaces. Empty spaces provide the potential to create beauty and food as well as uplift and inspire. Gardens mean we can eat what is in proximity and not make poor food choices. Inside Out Community Garden will ensure the possibility of family’s in our community achieve these goals. I had the pleasure of planting a salsa garden that rendered a healthy appetizer in 45 days. This recipe consists of 8 simple ingredients and took less than 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish.

Fresh Salsa Ingredients:

  • 2 Fresh Roma tomatoes – use the nice and red ones, avoid anything soft.
  • Fresh cilantro – cilantro adds key flavor, don’t omit this!
  • 1 small Habenero – this adds a nice kick. If you don’t like heat you can replace it with 1 large Jalapeno.
  • Mexican Green onion – just the large bulb not the green part. You can also us red onion this wasn’t used in the video
  • Garlic powder – it may seem small but garlic packs a flavorful punch.  use fresh garlic when you can for best flavor.
  • Lemon 2 tablespoons – this really brightens up the salsa.
  • Chili flakes – I don’t always add these but they’re a nice addition if you have them on hand.
  • Salt and pepper ½ teaspoon  – the salsa would taste flat without the salt and the pepper adds a light kick.  You can add more this is your preference.