Transform Fresno Project #: 15Title: Southwest Fresno Community Food Hub: Community OrchardAddress: 872 W Atchison Court, Fresno CA 93706Category: Urban and Community ForestryPartners/Organizations: Fresno Metro MinistryStatus: In progressEstimated Completion: Ongoing

Project Summary: The project will expand YoVille’s efforts to create a just and local food system by expanding the number of edible trees, creating additional planting spaces, and improving the site’s capacity to provide educational opportunities to residents.

Details: The project will construct a .73 acre community orchard, a bioswale, and hugelkultur beds south of the Yosemite Village Community Garden and Farm Incubator. The project will incorporate permaculture techniques including no mechanical, no-till, no-spray orchard management practices, hugelkultur and bioswales resulting in increased carbon sequestration and water conservation. The project aims to increase orchard management awareness, access to healthy food, and learning opportunities.

More About Yo’Ville

The site’s goal is to practice permaculture, focusing on designing and maintaining the site in a way that incorporates community health, soil health, and environmental health.

The site will feature:

  • Community Orchard – a food forest that will increase the amount of fruit and nuts being produced on site.
  • Hugelkultur Garden Plots – Garden Plots that will be formed utilizing the hugelkultur method and will be available for community members to rent.
  • Outdoor Educational Spaces – A pergola with solar panels will be installed to host workshops and classes on site. Seating areas will also be installed throughout the site.
  • Educational Features – Educational features and signage will be installed throughout the site.

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The community orchard will be located on the south portion of the Yosemite Village Community Garden and Farm near the farm incubator plots.

The fruit from trees will be available for residents to pick from and will also be sold at the weekly farm stand in the front of the property.

Hugelkultur is the practice of building planting beds that incorporate rotting wood. This produces rich and fertile soil, retains water, and retains carbon produced by trees on site.

Bioswales are contours on a property that capture, channel, and retain rainwater. They will be used on-site to capture excess water and water native plants.

Workshops and learning opportunities on tree planting, permaculture, and food forest gardening are currently being held at various days and times. Please join our email list to recieve announcements about upcoming events. Or visit our Facebook page or Instagram account to find fliers for our events.

We currently have volunteer work days Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Signups for volunteer days are not required. Please contact Chris De Leon ( with any questions about volunteering.

Project partners

Fresno Metro Ministry

Project progress


Project contacts


Christopher De Leon, Program Manager, (
Yang Soua, Project Manager (

Fresno Metro Ministry, (559) 485-1416