Transform Fresno Project #: 9Title: Mariposa PlazaAddress: Fulton and Mariposa StreetCategory: Urban GreeningPartners/Organizations: City of Fresno – Department of Public WorksStatus: In progressEstimated Completion: 2024

Project Summary: Mariposa Plaza is the most active public space in downtown Fresno. Multiple events are staged throughout the year attracting large crowds. Its location at the corner of Mariposa and Fulton positions it on axis with the governmental heart of Fresno and the County as well as immediate proximity to the planned high speed rail station. The renovation of the plaza and incorporation of a major public art component is envisioned as part of the greater revitalization of downtown. The plaza is a key factor in a series of catalyst projects including Fulton Street, the high speed rail station, Van Ness bus rapid transit, and numerous private building renovations. In the future, after a successful renovation, Mariposa Plaza will continue to serve as the premier public space anchor downtown hosting major events as well attracting residents, shoppers, tourists, and the downtown workforce on a daily basis.

Details: The Mariposa Plaza Activation project refreshes a significant downtown plaza and enhances its connection to the future High Speed Rail station. Renovations will include tree planting, landscaping, installation of permeable paving, and a rainwater capture pavilion. It will maintain its historic use as a place for public speaking and community events. The project adds to these functions by improving the infrastructure for those events and rearranging the relationship between the historic stage and the open audience area. Other improvements such as the addition of public artwork and canopies for shade cement the cultural significance of the area while keeping the plaza flexible for a wide range of public events. The artwork has already been created and selected for this project. The City of Fresno Department of Public Works will provide long-term operations and maintenance of the improvements.

Project Update, December 2023

Project Update, March 2021

Project #9: Mariposa Plaza Update, March 2021
Project #9: Mariposa Plaza Update, March 2021
Project #9: Mariposa Plaza Renderings
Mariposa Plaza Renderings
Project #9: Mariposa Plaza


  1. Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) received from 2 firms for review. (09/2019)
  2. Consultant Agreement executed. (03/2020)
  3. Stakeholder list developed and project kick-off hosted. (05/2020)
  4. Stakeholder meetings hosted (07/2020, 08/2020, and 09/2020)
  5. Community Meeting (11/2020)
  6. Award of Construction (Expected 03/2022)
  7. Project Completion (Expected 10/2022)

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