Transform Fresno Project #: 12Title: Yo’Ville Community Garden and FarmAddress: 872 W Atchison Court, Fresno CA 93706Category: Urban and Community ForestryPartners/Organizations: Fresno Metro MinistryStatus: In progressEstimated Completion: Ongoing

Project Summary: The project’s goal is to create a just and local food system by providing residents and community members with tools, knowledge and access to land. This is accomplished by utilizing vacant land for residents to grow their own food, creating opportunities to share knowledge on growing and eating healthy food, and organizing residents to directly improve access to fresh produce and green spaces.

Details: Fresno Metro Ministry (Metro) is partnering with the Fresno Housing Authority to develop a resident-led community garden and urban green space in Southwest Fresno behind the 69-unit Yosemite Village housing complex. The 7-acre site is less than 150 yards from the designated California Avenue BRT corridor. The project will incorporate organic and permaculture techniques including non-mechanical, no-till, no-spray methods that promote carbon sequestration and water conservation. The garden/farm includes native habitat, fruit trees, greenhouse, walking paths, composting, farm stand, and is open for Southwest Fresno community members. Garden activities will be integrated with nutrition/cooking skills classes and job training/entrepreneurship opportunities. Farm activities on three (3) half-acre demonstration parcels will also be integrated with the outreach, education, and training programs. The project will establish a Garden Leadership Committee that will manage the garden’s operations and maintenance of the garden, and Metro will manage the operations and maintenance of the farm plots and green space. Outreach efforts will consist of multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-lingual outreach to residents and community members, to engage the community in the project site’s programming. Outreach activities will include permaculture training, canvassing, informational presentations, tabling events, social media, and quarterly focus groups.

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Project Update, March 2023

More About Yo’Ville

The site’s goal is to practice permaculture, focusing on designing and maintaining the site in a way that incorporates community health, soil health, and environmental health.

The site features:

  • Community Garden Spaces – available for community members to rent
  • Farm Incubator Program – a small farmer training program
  • Hoop House – To grow plant starts to support and expand the site
  • Walking Paths – walking paths for residents to enjoy the greenery in their neighborhood
  • Community Events – Cultural events will be held on-site, planned and coordinated by the Garden Leadership Team.

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Project progress



Garden Plots are currently available for 93706 residents. It costs $36 a year for a plot. Residents may sign up for up to 3 plots and each plot includes a drip line and seeds.

To sign up, contact at Chris De Leon at Fresno Metro at 559-485-1416 or email: .

The garden is currently only available for residents of the 93706 zip code.

The garden is open every day from sun up to sun down.

Yes! We can help new gardeners get started.

Yes! Please check Facebook or Instagram or join or newsletter via our link tree:

We currently have volunteer work days Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8am to 11am. Signups for volunteer days are not required. Please contact Jesse Martindale ( with any questions about volunteering.

Project partners

Fresno Metro Ministry

Project contacts


Christopher De Leon, Program Manager, (
Yang Soua, Project Manager (

Fresno Metro Ministry, (559) 485-1416