Transform Fresno Project #: 21Title: TCC ConnectorCategory: Leverage OnlyPartners/Organizations: City of Fresno Dept. of Transportation, Fresno Area Express (FAX)Status: CompleteEstimated Completion: Service Launched on January 4 2021, and Electric Infrastructure Completed in March 2023

Project Summary: The improved public transit service on FAX Route 38, which launched in January 2021, doubled the number of buses serving bus stops in the TCC project area. This is referred to as Increased Frequencies and is one of the most requested improvements FAX hears from our customers. This improvement offers greater reliability and convenience for area residents by reducing wait times and getting riders where they want to go sooner. All while reducing pollution using zero-emission buses and making it easier for Southwest Fresno residents to get out of cars and onto public transit!

Project Details: The City of Fresno Department of Transportation increased transit frequencies from 30 minutes to 15 minutes on Route 38 from Downtown to Jensen and Cedar. Most of this service improvement is located within the TCC Project Area and required hiring additional bus drivers, the purchase of two electric buses, and the construction of an electric charging station.

The service improvement began with compressed natural gas (CNG) near-zero emission buses, which were replaced by electric buses as soon as they were service ready. Zero-emission electric buses are running on Route 38 now ––and the required electric charging infrastructure project was completed in March 2023.

Project Update, March 2023

Project #21: TCC Connector Update, March 2021
Project #21: TCC Connector Update, March 2021

Project partners

Project #21: TCC Connector Project Partners

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