Transform Fresno Project #: 7Title: Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN)Address: Based at 1440 Fulton Street, Suite 206, Fresno, CA 93721Category: Active Transportation, Low Carbon Transportation: Car Sharing and MobilityPartners/Organizations: Lead Partner Fresno Metro Black Chamber Foundation (FMBCF) and seven subcontractors and operators all collaborating togetherStatus: In progressEstimated Completion: March 31, 2026

Project Summary: The project includes the following low- or no-cost services throughout the project area: An EV carsharing program for checking out cars hourly; A volunteer driver program providing electric vehicle rides to undeserved residents; Electric vanpools for accessing employment centers: An electric bikeshare program for checking out bikes. A mobility hub customer services center will provide a physical location for engaging with the program.

We have successfully negotiated seven subcontractor agreements with team members, consultants, vehicle providers and operators. We have plans for extensive community engagement and look forward to providing transportation choices to the Disadvantaged Communities.

We are striving to continue advancing the project even during the impacts of the Covid pandemic.

Project Update, March 2021

Project #7: Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN) Update, March 2021
Project #7: Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN) Update, March 2021
Project #7: Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN)


Agreement A the first phase is completed prepared to advance to Agreement B the second and final phase of the project.

Contact Fresno Metro Black Chamber Foundation at (559) 441-7929 or email

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Cassandra D. Little Ph.D.
President & CEO, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce & Chamber Foundation
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